Friday, March 23, 2007

Why do they call it C#(sharp) and not C3?

First let us take a look at the different versions of C. Let us assume the following C =1. After C we had C++. As you can recall the ++ operator is used to increment a value by 1. Thus C++ becomes C2. Naturally one would then assume the next version of C would be C++++. So how does c++++ become c#. If you rearrange the four plus(+) symbols you can create a hash(#) symbol. Another reason the hash symbol may have been used is that the hash symbol can be found on the number 3 on the keyboard. If this is accurate please let me know.

Based on my assumptions the next version of C could be one of the following:

  1. C4
  2. C++++++
  3. C#+1
  4. C$ (Can you see it... The plus symbols are rearranged to make a dollar sign. )

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Zarifa said...

You write very well.