Thursday, May 24, 2007

Visual Studio Add-Ins

I never realized how easy it is to create a Visual Studio add-in. When creating a new project navigate to the "Other Project Types" section and select "Extensibility". I have been working on a code generator for the last little while and was wondering if it would be possible to hook into the IDE to add files to a VS project. By adding my code generator as a Visual Studio Add-in I can now create, modify and delete items in my solution. The following tutorial was really helpful illustrating how easy it is to create an add-in.

Give it a try, once you witness how easy it is to create an add-in, I bet you will be buzzing with countless ideas of how to improve your Visual Studio experience.

Another way you can improve your Visual Studio experience is with Visual Studio macros. The following link should help you get started with Visual Studio macros.
MSDN Visual Studio Macros

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Ankit Jain said...


I agree with you... once you start using these APIs lot of ideas will come to your mind to build some tools around it. One of such tool i developed to facilate free text search in the TFS History Comments.

Here it is