Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Goals

Goals goals goals... That seems to be the focus these days. A number of .Net developers who are in the limelight(JP Boodhoo, Justice Gray, Scott Hanselman) have taken a brave step forward and committed to their goals in public forum. I to have decided to do the same. The following is a List<IGoal> of goals.

  1. Become more proficient at test driven development.

  2. Expand my knowledge of domain driven design.

  3. Become more proficient with resharper.

  4. Watch DnrTv

  5. Continue to read all those wonderful blogs that I have listed on my sidebar.

  6. Learn and appreciate the time that I get to spend with JP Boodhoo. That's right JP Boodhoo has been doing consulting work for MediaLogic. He has provide our team with lots of great insight and knowledge.

  7. Learn how to write a Nant script. I've seen a Nant script or two but never created my own.

  8. Learn more about continuous integration. MediaLogic should have a CI box soon.

  9. Expand my knowledge of design patterns. More importantly I need to expose myself to as many solutions as I can. By being aware of more than one solution to a problem I will be able to select the best solution for a problem rather than trying to adapt the problem to the solution.

  10. Read books
  • Domain Driven Design By Eric Evans

  • Head First Design Patterns

  • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture By Martin Fowler

  • Re-read Test Driven Development by Kent Beck

  • The Pragmatic Programmer By Andrew Hunt

  • Code Complete by Streven McConnell

  • MCTS 70-536 and 70-528

  • Framework Design Guidelines by Krzysztof Cwalina and Brad Abrams

  • The Elements of C#

  • CLR via C#

As you can tell this list is very lengthy. Fortunately many of these goals are related to one another. In order to conquer these goals I will have to devise some type of routine. As long as I can stick to some type of schedule I should be able to complete these goals without a problem. A wise friend of mine recently enlightened me to the idea that perfection can achieved through consistency. For example, If I were consistently sad one could say that I have achieved perfection at being sad. Instead of striving for perfection aim for consistency. Thanks Mista Mo