Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is Your IDE Hot or Not?

Finally a web site dedicated to rating the appearance of your IDE.

This now validates my theory that not only does a developer have to keep his or her looks in check but now attention must also be focused on the appearance of ones development environment. This explains the recent spike in transparent user interfaces over the last few months. Recent research indicates that the use of a transparent interface by a software developer is an attempt to look cool*. This trend has been more evident over the last few months. I have noticed more and more developers switching to applications that provide transparent capabilities. Such applications include Console 2, TaskSwitch, Vista in general. I'm sure Justice Gray the self proclaimed metorsexual developer has loaded his PC with a vast array of applications that sport the transparent look of 07. Further proof can be found on Justice Grays list of metrosexual developers. I know for a fact that JP Boodhoo and Mo Khan have both pimped there machines with all kinds of slick looking applications. These two developer have had their names proudly inducted into the definitive list of metrosexual developers found on Justice Grays blog.

John Lam has come up with a rather interesting theme based on the Vibrant Ink theme for Textmate (whatever that is... Long live windows....).

Installing new themes in visual studio is really simple. You can install themes under tools---->options---->Environment---->Import and Export Settings
or use the wizard
tools---->Import and Export Settings

Make sure to copy your current settings before applying any of these themes.

Here is my current attempt to up my coolness with the Vibrant Ink theme. I must say its rather pimp.

Here is a closer look.

* To my knowledge there has not been a study conducted to prove the coolness of software developer when using applications that have transparent capabilities.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Me Against the World

Recently I was reminded of the following quote.

I know it seem hard sometimes but
Remember one thing
Through every dark night, there's a bright day after that
So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out
Keep your head up, and handle it.
-Tupac Shakur