Friday, February 29, 2008

I Want...

If I had to make a list of wants this is what it would like:

  1. I want to develop applications using test driven development and domain driven design.
  2. I want good object orientated practices to be the norm.
  3. I want to be creative with design patterns.
  4. I want to work in a true agile environment.
  5. I want pair programming to be accepted by management.
  6. I want to work with XP.
  7. I want to work with Scrum.
  8. I want to help my team grow.
  9. I want to learn from my team.
  10. I want to work in a self organizing team.
  11. I want to work in iterations that range from 2-4 weeks.
  12. I want failing iterations to be caught fast and early.
  13. I want to introduce tests into legacy code.
  14. I want to work with bleeding edge technology.
  15. I want to work with passionate people.
  16. I want to work with knowledgeable people.
  17. I want to work with individuals who I can learn from.
  18. I want to work with fun people.
  19. I want to have friends rather than coworkers.
  20. I want to work in an environment that enables creativity.
  21. I want to work with a team of high performers.
  22. I want to use a build tool like NAnt.
  23. I want to have a CI Box.
  24. I want lots of whiteboards.
  25. I want to have time to read books, read articles and attend conferences.
  26. I want to take control of the .Net Framework rather than allowing it to control me.
  27. I want to have a chance to understand how a tool works before I use.
  28. I want my work to be appreciated.
  29. I want to help my company grow.
  30. I want to be active in the .Net community(present,attend presentations).
  31. I want to inspire others.
  32. I want to become a great software developer.
  33. I want my work to matter.
  34. I want to show people that I am Artist and software development is my canvas.
  35. I want to wake up every single day and be pumped about being a software developer.

It's remarkable but every single one of my wants is being fulfilled. I'm not sure why, but it took sometime before I came to the conclusion that I'm happy. I hope that every single one of your wants is being fulfilled.

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