Monday, March 24, 2008

Polymorphic PodCast

I just stumbled upon a new podcast called Polymorphic Podcast. Polymorphic is hosted by Craig Shoemaker. I'm still trying to figure out if shoemaker is his real last name. The podcast series focuses on software development in the .Net industry.

What I like about the podcast is that Craig seems like a down to earth type of guy. Unlike the .Net Rocks series there are a fewer number of podcasts. To be frank I have no Idea how Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell have time to record two podcasts a week. On another note the .Net Rocks podcast audio quality is vastly superior to polymorphics. I also enjoy the fact that the polymorphic series show length is about 30 to 45 minutes long and doesn't include commercials for Telerik products. I really enjoy the .Net Rocks series but can't stand to hear those commercials. I think the problem stems from that the fact that I have been listening to the .Net Rocks series non-stop for the last several weeks and those commercials are driving me nuts.

You can find the polymorphic podcast at


Craig Shoemaker said...

So what makes you think that Shoemaker is a fake name? :)

Adam Alinauskas said...

At first I was convinced that it was fake. I thought maybe there was a link between great software developers and shoe makers. In the same sense that the pragmatic programmer explains how great developers care about their craft and then goes on to relate software developers to carpenters. Oh well, now that I know its your real name the mystery is all gone. :)

Craig Shoemaker said...

Awww... I didn't mean to ruin the fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Quality is bad ... really bad sometimes (see David West interview).

.NET Rocks is OK ... sometimes they go down memory lane too much.

An alternative is SE-Radio. It's more Java oriented, but it's a nice change and they do have broad topics. I started with DNR, but have been listening more to SE-Radio and Hanselminutes. It's more to the point.

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