Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tests run: 1805, Failures: 0, Skipped: 0, Ignored: 0

This post is slight delayed but I figured it deserves some mentioning. We have been working on our current application for about 5 months. With each iteration our velocity for writing tests has been steadily increasing. Three months ago our development team consisted of roughly four developers. Today we only have two developers. Even though we are down two developers we have been able to surpass the number of tests that we could write with four developers. Now I know what your thinking, the other two developers were no good. Your wrong, the reason our test numbers have been increasing is that we have been ramping up our skill levels. When the other developers return I'm sure that we will be able to double our test numbers.

Anyhow our current number of tests is 1805. The important thing to remember is that tests are not the only metric for success. If you look closely at the agile principles I'm sure you can figure the other ones out.

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