Thursday, April 10, 2008

Health and Safety in Alberta

For the last little while my focus has been directed towards working on software for the health and safety industry. The following is a short description of concepts that are related to the health and safety industry for the province of Alberta. Some of the terminology and concepts mentioned are crosscutting among the health and safety industry in other provinces and countries...

What is a Certifying Partner?

A certifying partner is an organization that is responsible for assessing the quality of health and safety program's of its members. Alberta has 14 different certifying partners that target different industries. If a certifying partner approves your health and safety program your organization will be issued a certificate of recognition(COR).

Why are they called certifying partners?

The reason that we call these organizations certifying partners is that they have a partnership with Alberta Employment and Immigration. Each certificate that is issued by a certifying partner is co-signed by Alberta Employment and Immigration.

What is a certificate of recognition?

A certificate of recognition signifies that your organizations health and safety management system meets certain established standards.

What are the benefits of obtaining a certificate of recognition?

Other than providing a safe place to work for employees your organization may be entitled to a discount on your WCB insurance. Year after year companies are sued for poor health and safety practices. By establishing a health and safety management system your organization can save lives and prevent law suites. The end goal of a health and safety management system is zero incidents.

How do I get a Certificate of Recognition?

A certificate of recognition is rewarded to a company after the completion of a successful audit by an external auditor.

Who is eCompliance?

eCompliance provides solutions to increase health and safety awareness, decrease incidents and streamline the auditing process.

Who is ThirdAngle?

I work for ThirdAngle a division of eCompliance that focuses on creating many of the products that eCompliance customers use on a daily basis. For more information please check out:

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