Friday, December 26, 2008

Shortenting the Feedback Loop - Aftermath

Well, I finally had opportunity to give a presentation in front of a large audience. Ok the audience wasn't that large. There were about 40 to 50 people. December 2008 my colleagues and I gave a presentation entitled "Shortening the Feedback loop - Our sprint in a nutshell" to the Calgary Agile Methodologies User Group.  

Seeing as this was my first presentation outside of school I think that it went pretty good. To make things more interesting our President Ben Snyman and Vice President TJ Snyman attended our presentation. They even chimed in a few times to answer questions and express their opinions during the presentation. I still have a lot to learn about becoming a great presenter but now at least I can check off presenting on my list of goals. The next time I gave a presentation I'll have to remember to ask someone to take a picture... We were way to focused on the presentation to even remember snapping a picture of this momentous occasion. On Luu 's blog you can find our slides and Mo managed to snap a picture of the audience on his cell phone.

The best part about doing this presentation as a group is that it gave us a chance to really sit down and find a way to articulate what we do to others. If Agile software development could be broken down into one concept I would call it "shortening the feedback loop".

Here's a synopsis of our presentation:
Under the Agile software development umbrella there are many principals, processes, methodologies, and practices that fit this style of development. Many companies are relentlessly seeking and implementing ways to continually improve how they design, develop and deliver software. We believe and have found in practice that the Agile way of software development enables, supports and drives this continuous quest for efficiency and improvement. One of the primary goals of Agile software development is to satisfy customer needs through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. We find that most of the business value comes from creating an environment where a shorter feedback loop allows our team to be more proactive and adapt quickly as and when necessary. In this presentation we will share and walk you through a typical sprint/iteration at and highlight to where we have shortened the feedback loop and increased efficiency and feedback quality.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas From eCompliance

Take a look at our Christmas logo. It has a Christmas hat.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shortening the Feedback Loop - Our Sprint in a Nutshell

Check it out. ThirdAngle is doing a presentation for Calgary Agile Methods User Group.

Link to the presentation

It's kind of cool to see my name appear on the CAMUG website.