Sunday, April 4, 2010

Algorithms Book Club

Well the book club I am a member of is at it again. This time our book club is tackling Algorithms in all its fun and glory... The book we are reading is "The Algorithm Design Manual" by Stenven S. Skiena.

Our first session covered the wonders of big O notation (asymptotic Notation). I'm happy to say that complexity is growing linearly at O(n)... but some days I swear its like O(n!).

Our second session covered big O again...

Our third session uncovered the mysteries of data structures.

Our next session is perhaps more ambitious. We are going to step into the arena and knockout a few algorithms.

The Arena:

My Weapon of Choice: Java

The Problems:

Jolly Jumpers (Solved)

Where's Waldorf?(Unsolved)

Crypt Kicker(Unsolved)

Crypt Kicker II(Unsolved)

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